about ben



Ben spent many, many years writing in what he describes as bits and pieces, never finding the impetus to take things further. Eventually, the need to do more forced him to head out to lunch one day with an old foolscap desk diary in which he started writing his first novel.

The result was utter rubbish, but it didn’t matter because Ben now knew beyond any doubt that he could write a novel from beginning to end. He hasn’t looked back since and is now madly trying to catch up on all those ‘lost’ years.

Ben now writes predominantly crime, mystery and thriller stories, where the emphasis is on strongly developed characters. Since Ben has a pretty decent sense of humour himself, this often finds its way into his writing, even in some of his darker stories, where it can act as a welcome bit of light relief.

As well as his longer form works, Ben writes an on-going series of short stories that venture into the darker recesses of the human mind.

Born in London and brought up in Kent in the south-east of England, Ben now lives in rural Northamptonshire in the English Midlands, with his family and a heavily over-worked computer. Oh, and he loves to tuck into a regular supply of plain chocolate.