as good as dead

Sun, sea, sand. The perfect setting for a little romance, just so long as you can ignore the blackmail, the kidnapping and the corpses.

Looking forward to a few days in the old seaside town of Brighton, private investigator David Good is expecting to do nothing more than hand-hold a young woman needing to keep a low profile. When the manageress of the hotel they are staying at takes a shine to him it looks like all is rosy in his garden.

Honestly, though, what did he expect? As things start to go badly wrong, Good is by turns bemused, concerned, then seriously worried and as the violence escalates, he starts to wonder if he’s out of his depth. One thing is for sure, if he messes up then it could be curtains for his client.

Join Good in this mystery set in the old fashioned seaside town of Brighton, where the action is mixed with a little humour and romance.




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