collector of crimes

Thirteen fabulous crime stories from Ben Westerham’s highly popular ‘Shorts in the Dark’ series. It’s time to take a wander into the darker recesses of the mind.

The Old Man’s Shed – School-boy Jacob Whistler finds his neighbour’s shed an irresistible temptation. But what is it he finds lurking inside?

Alone in the Dark – “There’s something about watching others in the night that appeals to me. It always has.”

The Pond – Revenge can come in many guises and sometimes from places we would never have expected.

A Pound Coin – Can a life really be worth so little?

Walking into Trouble – Family emotions can be more extreme than most.

A Parcel of Trouble – Private investigator Nat Gillies receives an unexpected parcel that he soon wishes he’d never set eyes on.

Money Love – When the love of money proves greater than the love of another human-being, the outcome is not likely to be a happy one.

Harry Minch – Revenge is a boomerang that garage owner Harry Minch fails to see coming.

The Handbag – A woman’s handbag can be more dangerous than you might think.

The Price of Envy – Charlie Mean is consumed by envy. For someone it will prove fatal.

360 Degree Feedback – They say feedback is a gift, but sometimes what it gives can be entirely unexpected.

The Old Hand – An ageing crook thinks it’s time to do a good deed, but is his help really wanted?

Obsession – Obsession can make a man blind to reality and drive him to the edge of madness.

It’s dark. It’s criminal. It’s unmissable.





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