harry minch

A revenge sandwich is about to leave more than a bad taste in the mouth of garage owner Harry Minch.

Garage owner Harry Minch isn’t a nasty piece of works and he’s never demanded much from life. However, if he was being entirely honest with himself, he’d have to admit that, where relationships are concerned, he’s probably a bit thoughtless, some might even say selfish.

Unfortunately for Harry, he’s now crossed a woman whose expectations of the men in her life are altogether more demanding than being merely thoughtless. As for being selfish, well, that is about to ignite a reaction from her that will change Harry’s life in a way he couldn’t possibly have imagined.

To find out what life has in store next for the unwitting garage owner, pick up your copy of Harry Minch now.

A tale from Ben Westerham’s Shorts in the Dark series, where you get to take a wander into the darker recesses of the human mind. This edition includes a set of author notes.



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