the good con

She’s queen of the dancefloor and would-be queen of the con and she’s about to give London based PI David Good a right old run-around.

It seems to private investigator, David Good, that he might well have come face-to-face with the hottest claimant yet for the title of Queen of the Con in 1980s London. He might be no mug himself, but she’s a smooth operator with a ruthless streak as wide as the English Channel and most of her previous victims don’t seem to be in a hurry to cross her path a second time by helping out Good.

There might be one way for him to turn the tables and rescue his new client, but the bad news is that it requires Good to take both his left feet for a twirl on the dancefloor. That could be embarrassing.

But Good soon finds more pressing concerns getting in the way of his latest case when a local gang boss makes him an offer he very definitely can’t refuse. Good is willing, the trouble is the money-laden gambler he is supposed to find is determined to remain very much missing.

Messing up one case would be bad enough. Messing up both could prove terminal. Join Good as he does the quick step across half of London and tries not to fall flat on his face.




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