the hide and seek murders

Hide and seek may be child’s play, but murder most certainly is not.

Summer 1959. When murder comes to the garden party of the Reverend George Sixpence, the curmudgeonly Inspector Leslie Dykeman and the irascible Sergeant Stanley Shapes are despatched from Banbury police station to apprehend the killer.

Arriving at the splendid Victorian vicarage, Dykeman and Shapes find a group of suspects riddled with envy, bitterness and contempt for one another. As the two policemen struggle to uncover meaningful clues and Dykeman finds himself distracted by the arrival of pathologist Dr Sheila Delph, the killer stalks their next victim. This is one game the two policemen cannot afford to lose, but it seems as if the killer is out-playing them at every turn and it begins to look like there will be only one winner.

Get your copy now then find somewhere quiet to curl up and enjoy this tempting new mystery set in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

The Hide and Seek Murders is the first in a classic murder mystery series set in the Oxfordshire town of Banbury in the early 1960s by British author Ben Westerham. If you like classic murder mysteries with a touch of romance and a streak of humour, then you’ll love these.


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