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Some of my book series have their own dedicated websites where you can find a whole lot more content related to the stories. You might find background material, character interviews, deleted scenes, additional stories, audio content and even mysteries for you to solve yourself.

It’s a constantly evolving feast, so be sure to pop back to your favourite series site on a regular basis.

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Good Investigations






web3 & nfts

If you are a collector of NFTs or a fan of Web3 in general, then you might like to check out some of my Web3 content and collections of NFTs.


I mint both stories and non-fiction pieces as NFTs on a number of platforms.

I am also busy trying out a few of the many new social media platforms and other Web3 offerings that are springing up like no tomorrow. No doubt I will settle on a few of these eventually, but for now you can find me on those shown here.


As this area of my author life grows, I will be expanding this section of the website with further information on what you can find and where, as well as comprehensive details of NFT mints, including the scarcity of these.

In the meantime, if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.