I guess we’ve all had moments in our lives when some unexpected event has triggered memories we had forgotten were even there. Perhaps the smell of some stranger’s perfume that ignites memories of a much loved aunt long since departed. Or maybe a song that was always an old lover’s favourite.


But what if some horrific encounter was to bring back memories of an altogether less pleasant time? How would you feel then? This is precisely what happens to Pauline Higgingbottom, the central character in my new book, Memory of Murder.

When Pauline discovers the body of her brother, Ralph, in the hallway of his home and it is clear he has not died a natural death, the experience triggers a series of terrible recollections from her own past. But why is this so and what do these memories, so desperately unwelcome, have to do with the murder? Perhaps all the more importantly for Pauline, what part will they play in her own, endangered future?

You can buy your own copy of Memory of Murder now. It’s available in ebook and audio book formats in a wide range of on-line stores and as a limited edition NFT at Readl.










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