Welcome to James Dain, the writer of gritty thrillers, who gives us the low down on his writing process and his latest books.


Hello James, and welcome! I’m delighted to be doing this interview with you and I just want to let my readers know right off that you write gritty, fast-paced thrillers and I’ve enjoyed reading your work.


How can interested readers find you and get started reading your stories?

Just check out my website at www.jamesdain.com, where you can see everything that’s in my pipeline and join my newsletter. Of course, all of my books are on Amazon as well.


How did you get started writing thrillers?

Funny you should ask. I was obsessed with James Bond stories as a kid, and at age 15 wrote a knock-off thriller about a Yugoslav spy stealing banking secrets from the Mellons in my home town of Pittsburgh. Flash forward several dozen decades. I ran out of the noir and hard-boiled detective stories I love reading and decided it was time to pick up the pen again on my thriller writing career.


What was your inspiration for “The Body in The Alley”?

Google. I came across a stark photo of a brutal murder scene in an alley and started wondering about how the victim got there. I wanted to write something contemporary with a hard-boiled flair and the story began to grow around a despondent Army vet falsely accused of murder.


What upcoming projects can you tell us about?

I’m currently working on Blood on the Mountain, a suspense thriller set at a Colorado ski resort similar to one I used to work at as a snowboard instructor. A skier dies in an accident that isn’t an accident, and her fiancée has to find her killer or die trying.



Thank you so much, James, for taking time out to share with us today. Tell us once again how readers can reach out and learn more about your books:

At www.jamesdain.com readers can get free stories, sample coming attractions and sign up for my newsletter and giveaways. Come one come all.

Super! Thanks again, and happy reading everyone!





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