Like any sensible writer, I always make sure I have a note pad to hand for those moments when inspiration strikes me unexpectedly. That’s something that happens often, which is very inconvenient because I’m rarely in a position to immediately follow up on any fabulous new idea by adding some flesh to the bare bones.

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I’ve been watching The Peripheral on Amazon. I do love a well-made sci-fi film or TV show and the quality of production and acting on this one are excellent. It’s on a Friday release schedule here in the UK and has thus given me a little something extra to look forward to on the last working day of the week.

There is just one problem, I’d already read the book, written by William Gibson.

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It’s fair to say that not every day in authorland is a fabulous day. Sometimes things go wrong, occasionally completely wrong, and it’s not exactly unusual to find that you arrive at your desk of a morning with very little enthusiasm for putting words on the screen. (Must admit, it does sounds better when I say ‘putting words on paper’).

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Although all of the characters in my books and a good many of the locations are made up by moi, I do often get inspiration from real life. With individuals it can sometimes be a particular habit someone has or their way of speaking, for example, and with locations it might be as simple as a particular setting that I like the look of.

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