Whenever I read a book that I really enjoy, I am all in, frequently re-reading sentences and even whole paragraphs. I really like to luxuriate in the book and am often reluctant to finish it. It is, perhaps, all the more curious, therefore, that it doesn’t take many months to pass after I’ve finished a book for me to find I’ve likely as not forgotten all about it. So, what to do about this irritating aspect of my make-up?

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During the second half of 2022 I had to undergo two operations on my right eye after I was unfortunate enough to experience a detached retina. This wasn’t the most wonderful of experiences, however I did at least get my sight back in that eye, even if it isn’t now perfect. However, while all this was happening, I started experimenting with ‘writing’ my books using audio and that turned out to be very informative.

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I have often wondered about the effectiveness of reader subscription services from an author’s point of view. It has always seemed to me to be a bit of a hit or miss affair, where there is a decent chance you end up earning significantly less than would be the case with sales. But it seems I might have been looking at things from the wrong angle.

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At the start of this week I was contemplating the murder victim in a new murder mystery story I will be writing and I ran into a familiar little issue. It’s something that always crops up in these circumstances and, in so doing, presents me with a contradictory problem that can be tricky to overcome.

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