I’ve been watching The Peripheral on Amazon. I do love a well-made sci-fi film or TV show and the quality of production and acting on this one are excellent. It’s on a Friday release schedule here in the UK and has thus given me a little something extra to look forward to on the last working day of the week.

There is just one problem, I’d already read the book, written by William Gibson.

I think we all know you can’t just take a book and plonk it straight on to the screen. They are different mediums and what works well for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. That’s fair enough. But for those who have already read the book, a screen adaptation can often result in a degree of disappointment since there are bound to be changes that we don’t agree with or even understand.

I mention this because the team behind The Peripheral chose to make a major change to the central storyline and, try though I might, I just can’t work out why they thought it was necessary.

As it is, I’ve been doing my best to put the book firmly to the back of my mind whilst watching The Peripheral because it really is an excellent show. I’m just going with the flow and taking it for what it is to ensure I get the best possible enjoyment from it.

But what about you, what book to film or TV adaptation have you found the most unsatisfactory? Or which one do you think is the best?


Image by Geralt on Pixabay





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