Whenever I read a book that I really enjoy, I am all in, frequently re-reading sentences and even whole paragraphs. I really like to luxuriate in the book and am often reluctant to finish it. It is, perhaps, all the more curious, therefore, that it doesn’t take many months to pass after I’ve finished a book for me to find I’ve likely as not forgotten all about it. So, what to do about this irritating aspect of my make-up?


The answer, I’m pleased to say, turned out to be straightforward, even if it did take a fair bit of head scratching before it occurred to me. Keep a record of the books I’ve read. Well, I did say it was simple. No exaggerating here, not today.

Yes, I’ve dug out an unused notebook and started adding entries for each book I complete, fiction and non-fiction. I’ve also included a few sentences on what I liked and didn’t like about each book. Not so much a review, as a record of what stuck with me most readily.

I’m actually really looking forward to browsing through this in a year or two, entirely confident that I will, on more than one occasion, surprise myself, having completely forgotten that I’d read a particular book.

I only wish I’d started doing this sooner. Just think how many books I’ve completely forgotten reading. I’m not even sure I’d remember if I started reading one of them again!


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