Oh dear, dipping a toe into the warm and bubbly waters of the pen addict the other day resulted in me losing my footing and falling in head first. You see, I thought The Pen Addict podcast would probably have the space all to itself, so specialist must it be. Or perhaps it might share its audience with one or two other podcasts.


But how wrong was I? Very. You see, I couldn’t help but run a search for other pen related podcasts and, straight away, up popped a list of ten pen related podcasts. Yes, ten. And that list might not be fully comprehensive. It turns out there’s a whole world out there I wasn’t previously aware of.

Anyway, to see a list of ten recommended podcasts follow this link

Do you have a favourite pen? Or how about a pen you’ve kept hold of since you were knee high to a grasshopper? If you do, then consider this a safe space to share your pen related love and obsession. We’re all understanding of such things here.

Pens Image by Bru-nO on Pixabay









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