I succumbed to temptation not long into the year and shelled out a not inconsequential amount of money on a mechanical keyboard to use with the laptop on which I do most of my writing. There’s a picture attached if you want to check it out.

It’s a lovely piece of kit, with a beautiful mechanical click when you press a key and a nice firm, but not too firm, return movement. It also has lights built in. That’s not so good because I’m very fussy about what setting I use, so when, as I quite often manage to do, I inadvertently change the setting it takes quite some time to work my way back to the original one. This I must do before I recommence writing otherwise it distracts me.

The trouble is, now I’ve seen a shiny new model. Guilt is already heading into battle with Desire. Best lock myself in a dark cupboard and wait for the longing to go away.


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