Like any sensible writer, I always make sure I have a note pad to hand for those moments when inspiration strikes me unexpectedly. That’s something that happens often, which is very inconvenient because I’m rarely in a position to immediately follow up on any fabulous new idea by adding some flesh to the bare bones.

Anyway, this has resulted in my having numerous note pads tucked away in various items of clothing, under the bed, in the study and so on. In fact, I bet there are some I’ve long since forgotten about.

The trouble is, in many cases this has resulted in bits and pieces of a story being scattered across several different note pads. This is a right nuisance because it makes things very difficult when you want to pull all the separate bits together; I frequently don’t realise until much later on that I’ve missed something and then have to double-back and make amendments.

The obvious answer would seem to be to stick to just the one note pad. Trouble is, I tried it and it didn’t work; I kept forgetting to take my one note pad with me wherever I went. That resulted in a messy collection of scraps of paper with notes on them. So, it’s back to the many notepads.

It seems that sometimes the messy and less than perfect is good enough.


Image by Mediamodifier on Pixabay





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