I’ve noticed during the course of writing the first five books in my Banbury Cross Murder Mystery series that there has been a steady but definite creep in the word count and I’ve been asking myself whether or not this might be a problem.


It’s not been a relentless increase in the number of words in each successive book, more an up and down affair, but upwards overall. It’s also not been planned and has simply happened organically.

Some of this bulking up has been mercilessly reduced during the editing process, as my editor always seems to take great delight in removing words. I suspect that’s the case with all editors, a ruthless desire to remove waffle.

But what I’ve been asking myself is, does this word creep matter? Might it put off readers who have become used to or are are looking for a slim, trim read? Or, could it even be a welcome feature of my maturing series in the eyes of my readers?

There again, perhaps I’m wasting my time even contemplating whether or not this might be an issue, after all, it’s not as if I’m in danger, yet, of breaching the hundred thousand word barrier.

What do you think, is creeping word count best avoided, welcomed with open arms or nothing at all to be bothered about either way?


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