In recent weeks I’ve been exploring the emerging options for authors with NFTs and the wider Web3 space. One thing that struck me is just how vast an array of opportunities are out there and more seem to pop up every day. It’s simply staggering and exciting and I’m definitely going to be running some experiments in this space just as soon as I can.


However, something else struck me as I was jotting down some notes on all this earlier this evening. You see, because it’s all new and in a constant, swirling state of flux, you clearly have to approach things with an open and flexible mind.

Things might not work the way you expected. Something better might come along tomorrow. Things might turn out vastly better than you ever dreamed of. And, hey, what’s that shiny new thing over there?

Anyway, I felt I needed to capture this fluid, dynamic, almost care-free nature of things and so I wrote down the following sentence, “Remember, a key thing with all of this right now is to experiment. Try, learn and either go again or move on. And have fun!”

And as soon as I’d written that last sentence it occurred to me that, perhaps, I sometimes forget the fun part when I’m busy writing, publishing and marketing my stories. After all, wasn’t that really the core of what I was looking to do when I set out down the author path?

An odd way to arrive at a timely reminder to focus on what really matters and motivates you, but a good one, all the same.


Image by geralt on Pixabay.









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