I do love a good hardback. There’s something extra-special about the physical experience of holding a hardback in your hands. Maybe it’s the dust jacket or the extra weight or, perhaps, it’s just that it’s so much nicer turning the pages in a hardback than it is a paperback.


Often when I’m buying a book second-hand if there’s a hardback option available then I will pay the extra bit of money to get that. Always seems well worth it to me.

There is a drawback to this, however, in that I find it harder to take a hardback to the charity shop when I’ve finished with it than I do a paperback. It can seem sometimes as if they’ve got to pry it out of my reluctant hands.

I suppose, given my love of the hardback format, it won’t come as much of a surprise to you to hear that I have now started making available hardback versions of some of my own books. The first batch arrived here today and don’t they just look wonderful. There again, now I’ve got to find some shelf space for them. Oh dear, that won’t be easy.

But what about you, do you prefer hardback to paperback and will you pay more for the pleasure?









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