I love the whole concept around the creator economy, which is essentially about the outstanding opportunities that exist right now for creators to make a living from the things they produce. It’s easier said than done, the making money part, but the opportunities are there in a way they haven’t been before, certainly during my life-time.


I recently listened to a great discussion that covered this topic over on Sacha Black’s The Rebel Author Podcast, where she talks with Michael Evans, co-founder of Ream. He talks a lot about what the creator economy is and how it means authors ought to be shifting their focus from simply writing and selling books to building a community as well.

Community building and reader experience is something I have been looking to focus on myself, so a high quality discussion like this was just what the doctor ordered. Of course, it’s not like I don’t have enough to do already, but I’m confident that with some proper planning I can start doing something about this in the new year.

Fair warning, Sacha has, by her own admission, got a potty-mouth and there are ‘naughty words’ aplenty on her podcast.









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