I sometimes wonder what it’s like being James Bond and knowing that wherever you go they will be expecting you. The only time I am expected anywhere is when I book ahead.


I was playing around with this idea the other day, trying to see how an expectation of murder might work in a mystery or crime story. What if you knew you were a killer’s next intended victim? How might this play on your mind and impact your actions?

It’s bound to influence such things, although in what ways will depend on your own particular circumstances and the type of person you are. Paranoia? Lock yourself up at home? Take a long foreign vacation? Start wearing a disguise? I suppose anything is possible. It’s probably also true to think that the longer the situation drags on the more shredded your nerves become.

The odd thing is, when I sat down the other day to make a real effort at putting myself in such a person’s shoes, to really get inside their head, it felt uncomfortably real. Left me feeling quite unnerved.

I’ve used this sort of technique in the past in my day job in an effort to work out how best to approach a tricky meeting with a difficult individual. It’s quite remarkable how effective a technique it can be. Imagine you are them, sitting in their chair, wearing their clothes, with the same mannerisms and way of speaking. It can sometimes take a while to throw off the sensation it leaves you with.

My recent experiments have left me with much to consider and some fine material for a future story or two. It might have been an uncomfortable experience, but it was also a useful one. Think, though, I’ll leave it a while before I try it again.


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