An amusing experience this weekend just gone. As often happens, a story idea popped into my head from out of the ether and, not wanting to let it go, I started jotting it down thinking it would turn into a nice short story.


All went well until, on Sunday evening, I flicked back through my notes to check something from earlier and realised this here short story was starting to look like nothing of the sort. Novella would seem to be more appropriate as things stood.

It’s happened before and I don’t mind if a story has the legs to grow, but when you’re already well into writing your latest novel it is a little bit inconvenient. I will have to make the usual decision with the short story: put a stop to it and come back later; be brutal and bring things to the shortest believable conclusion; just go with the flow, relax and let the thing have whatever time it takes to complete.

As it is, I fear I have a short story on my hands that is anything but short.


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