It’s fair to say that not every day in authorland is a fabulous day. Sometimes things go wrong, occasionally completely wrong, and it’s not exactly unusual to find that you arrive at your desk of a morning with very little enthusiasm for putting words on the screen. (Must admit, it does sounds better when I say ‘putting words on paper’).

But this is, of course, part and parcel of life in general. There are, after all, even days when I don’t fancy eating chocolate. They’re rare, I’ll admit, but it does happen.

When these days do pop up, I remind myself that the important thing is to sit down and crack on regardless. Sometimes you find that you slowly get into the groove and forget how you felt earlier on. At the very worst, even if all you write is rubbish, you can always come back to it later and rework it into something better.

Today has been one of those grey days, when enthusiasm was originally notable by it’s absence. But I took my own advice and pushed on regardless. Good news, I finished up editing a really solid chunk of my current work in progress, which has left me feeling altogether more upbeat. So much so, I’m now eyeing up the chocolate bar sitting on the shelf behind me.


Image by giografiche at Pixabay



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