I thought it might be interesting (for some) to share with you what I’ve actually been doing over the course of the last week with my author’s hat on. For one thing, you might be surprised at how many other things I need to do that don’t involve the delightful activity of writing.

As an indie author (I’m a control freak and therefore write, publish and market my own books) I wear three different hats during the course of any given week, so I’ve summarised things in terms of each of those hats.

Maker (doing the writing): Yep, this is my favourite hat. I completed a final pass through a new book due out at the end of November, tidying up a few minor things. Now I’m getting it formatted for uploading to the likes of Amazon and Kobo.

Marketer (finding readers for my books): I recently started running a new Facebook ad for The Hide and Seek Murders targeted at fans of mystery books in the USA and have spent much time this week keeping a close eye on its performance.

Manager (I run a business and it needs to be managed): I have been changing the way I manage my finances by implementing the Profit First approach developed by Mike Michalowicz. This required me to set up some additional accounts with my bank.

So, there we go, that was a more or less typical week for me. One during which I probably spent less than half my author time on writing down those words.





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