For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had all guns focused on getting my upcoming new book release ready for the off. More on this soon, needless to say.


I always forget just how much effort and time is needed to get the book formatted, reviewed, reviewed again and, yes, reviewed yet again. Even after all that errors still slip through.

Then there’s sorting out the blurb, uploading the cover and text file to the various on-line stores and completing the myriad of other tasks required by the stores before your precious new baby is ready to be launched into the world.

Actually, I say I forget how much effort is required, I suspect it would be truer to say that my mind immediately wipes away all recollection, so it doesn’t put me off from doing it all over again next time.

Anyway, I’m almost there now. Just a couple of bits and pieces to do, then I will be free to return to the beautiful activity of writing.


Image by Mohamed_hassan on Pixabay








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