The last visit to that old interview on Smashwords.


One of the questions was, Where do you hide when the going gets tough?

To which I answered, “The shed. It may be cold, leaky and lacking in much light but it has the distinct advantage of being in the garden, out of the way and unattractive to both the wife and the kids, who are far too discerning and concerned for their health to venture out there.”

Well, the shed finished up being dangerous to my health too, since it started falling down, as a result of which I dismantled it.

With there now being no shed, I wondered how I would answer the question if asked it now and realised the response would be very different; I’d go for a nice, long walk. That seems to help solve many a disheartening moment in life.

If you’d like to take a look at that somewhat ancient interview then you’ll find it here.









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