How often do you type a word or words into a search engine then ask the software why it has served up a load of random and irrelevant info, only to then notice you miskeyed?

Well, it happened to me earlier this evening, except I actually found the suggestions that were brought back to be actually quite interesting, especially as the mistyped word I’d submitted seemed initially to be nonsense.

I meant to search for CARS but actually typed in CRAS. What I got back showed me that CRAS is, in fact, a real thing. For one, it’s a Copenhagen based fashion label, plus it’s an acronym for the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. Well, there we go, my inept keyboard work resulted in me learning something new.

What about you? Have you had any similarly interesting results come back from a webs search after miskeying? Come on, share them with the rest of us. We promise not to laugh (much).





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