Most authors I know like to have a settled base for their writing, turning up at the same place at the same time each day. In the past I used to leave the office each lunchtime and head for a cafe a little way up the road. When that eventually closed down I started using the library, which was not much further away.


Since working from home became a thing I’ve used the study/library we long ago set up in what used to be the dining room, though I did need to install a second desk so as to give my mind and body a break from sitting in the same place for a long time. Having recently escaped the office job the study is now my full-time writing cave.

All seems happy and settled in my world. At least it did. Horror of horrors, with our eldest son soon to move out we are going to turn the study back into a dining room and move the study to the bedroom that’s being vacated.

As this move gets ever closer I find myself spending more time flip-flopping from seeing this as a welcome opportunity to refresh, tidy up and upgrade, on the one hand, and a serious danger to my cosy settled routine on the other.

Most worrying of all, however, is that the move will take me further away from the coffee machine. Eek!

More on this move in future posts as we set about making the changes.


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